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About Us

Recently downsized. In business "bigger is better" so they say. Well I have been big and I believe small has its merits too.

What does downsized mean?

It basicly means if you request my services you get all the experience of a large construction company without having to pay for my overhead. I no longer spend lots of money advertising, bidding on large projects and paying others to do work I trained to do. But that also means I am more selective of the projects I choose to accept. Currently I accept these type of projects:


(residental or commercial) New/Upgrade electrical services, New/Upgrade panels, Additional electrical circuits, Gfi protection, Smart Home products, lighting ballasts, general electrical clean-up, etc....

Plumbing (residential or commercial)

Install/Replacement fixtures, faucets, waterlines, general repair, general inspections, leaks, winterizing, pumps, appliance installation, hot water tanks etc.....SORRY I do NOT offer ROTO ROOTER or drain cleaning services


Install/replacement/upgrade gas furnaces or electrical furnaces, (NO heat pumps) cleaning servicing, Boilers Hydronics, emergency "no heat" calls.

What does ALEPH mean

My best friend once helped me to define ALEPH as "A little Electrical Plumbing & Heating"